KONTROL INSPEKT LTD has several sets of different testing equipment that cover almost all customer requirements. Most of the equipment is up-to-date with modern solutions tailored to the increasingly stringent market demands.


We have the following equipment:


For visual inspections and testing (VT):

  • Video endoscope with working lengths of 30 m, 20 m, and 26 mm
  • Video endoscope with working lengths of 10 mand 5.5 mm
  • Video endoscope with working lengths of 3 mand 5.5 mm
  • Various magnifiers, optical aids and lamps
  • Cameras: Olympus, Fuji, Sony


For dimensional inspection – several sets of various measuring instruments for measurement of:

  • Angle welds, seam overhangs...
  • Dimensions ranging from 0.001 mm to 700 mm (diameters and thicknesses)
  • Openings ranging from 50 mm to 700 mm
  • Various measuring magnifiers

For measurement of surface hardness (HT):

  • TMP 3 – portable digital meter
  • TMP 4 – portable digital meter
  • INATEST – portable digital meter
  • TIME INNOVATEST TH 160 – portable digital meter
  • POLDI hammer (3 pcs) – portable meter with calibration standards


For control and testing with penetrants (PT):

  • Coloured, fluorescent and combined penetrants manufactured by Ardrox, Helling and MR
  • Tools for testing of rotor bores up to 10 m long
  • Verification standards


For control and testing using magnetic particles (MT):

  • Electromagnetic yokes
    • Tiede TWM 220N, 3 pieces
    • Tiede TWM 42N, 4 pieces
  • Tiede UV lamps, 7 pieces
  • Black and coloured (fluorescent) emulsions with a granulation of 0.2 μm – 8.0 μm
  • Spare lightbulbs and filters
  • Substrates for black emulsion
  • Verification standards


For ultrasonic inspection and testing (UT):

  • 9 Krautkramer ultrasonic devices: USL 32 (2 pcs), USL 38, USL 42 (2 pcs), USK 7D, USM 35XS (2 pcs), UCD 50, PHAZOR
  • Over 120 probes of different types from 0.5 MHz to 10 MHz
  • Cables
  • Standards K1 and K2 (multiple sets)
  • Special calibration standards for specific tests


For ultrasonic inspection and thickness measurement (TM):

  • Krautkramer ultrasonic devices DM-2 (2 pcs), DM-4, Test Boy
  • More than 20 probes for different purposes
  • Step calibration standards


For radiographic control (RT):

  • Multiple illuminators for examination of films
  • Blackout measurement device


For metallographic inspections and examinations:

  • Stable light microscope
  • Portable microscopes for examination of replicas in the field
  • Surface preparation equipment
  • Raw materials


For inspection and testing usingpressure:

  • Electric pump for pressures of up to 100 bar
  • Manual pump for pressures of up to 600 bar
  • Control manometers for pressures ranging from 0 bar to 600 bar
  • Liquid fuel tank caps
  • Elastic manifolds for operating pressures of up to 250 bar


For inspection of tightness:

  • Edwards vacuum pump
  • CPS vacuum pump
  • Probes for straight welds, angled welds and penetrations of up to 350 mm – several sets
  • Control vacuum pressure gauges for underpressure

For electrical penetration inspection and testing:

  • High voltage generator (up to 30,000 V) with connecting probes