KONTROL INSPEKT is a private company founded in 1991 in Belgrade. It was taken over by the current owners in 1998, which marked the beginning of acontinuous growth and development of the company. We are defined as a specialized company for material testing and inspection of equipment in the following areas:

  • - Energy
  • - Mining
  • - Industrial and individual production
  • - Oil and gas transportation
  • - Mobile and stable high pressure equipment
  • - Welding and related processes



  • Quality control, monitoring and assurance
  • Testing of materials using destructive and non destructive methods
  • Testing of welded joints using destructive and non destructive methods
  • Qualification of welding and soldering procedures
  • Assessment of the operational capabilities of the equipment
  • Estimation of the remaining service life of thermal power equipment
  • Qualitative and quantitative receipt of materials and equipment
  • Product inspection before, during and after production
  • Technical supervision of assembly, reconstruction and repair works
  • Conformity assessment of products and high pressure equipment
  • Assessment of the ability of individuals and potential partner companies to do business
  • Training of staff in the field of IBRusing VT, PT, MT, RT and UT methods



Our company is run by individuals with many years of experience in various jobs and facilities, with well integrated younger staff. Their energy, creativity and enthusiasm are the driving force of the company that has led to a remarkable progress and growth from 2008 until today. The company has become recognizable in the former Yugoslavia as a synonym for high quality, expertise and efficiency.


Our goal is to establish ourselves in the region of the Balkans and Europe as a stable, competitive service organization with precise deadlines, quality, efficiency, independence and expertise. We strive to make these values the foundation of the present and the future of our company. We are here to stay and it is our desire to help our clients and partnersin a way that would be a cornerstone of a high quality implementation of any project.
As before, we will continue to set high standards in the provision of services, staff training and equipment, with a regular implementation of the latest achievements in the field of testing and inspection aimed to meet the needs of our partners and clients.