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KONTROL INSPEKT Ltd. owns several sets of the different testing equipment covering almost all the customer's requirement. Large part of equipment is recent date with modern solutions adapted to increasingly severe market requirements.
Jahorina planina

We own the following equipment:

For Visual Inspection and Testing (VT):

  • Video endoscope with working length of 30m, 20m, ∅ 26mm
  • Video endoscope with working length of 10m, ∅ 5,5mm
  • Video endoscope with working length of 3m, ∅ 5,5mm
  • Various magnifying glasses, optical aids and lamps
  • Digital cameras: "Olympus", "Fuji", "Sony"

For Dimensional Control Several sets of different devices for measurement of:

  • Angular weld, overfill in the weld...
  • Dimensions from 0,001 to 700mm (diameters and thicknesses)
  • Measuring of holes from ∅ 50mm to ∅ 700mm
  • Various measuring magnifying glasses

For Measuring Surface Hardness (HT):

  • TMP 3 - portable digital meter
  • TMP 4 - portable digital meter
  • INATEST - portable digital meter
  • "TIME" INNOVATEST TH 160 - portable digital meter
  • POLDI hammer (3 pcs) - portable digital meter

For Penetrant Inspection and Testing (PT):

  • Colored, fluorescent and the combined penetrant, manufactured by "Ardrox", "Helling", "MR"
  • Tools for testing rotor bore length up to 10m
  • Etalons for verification
Jahorina planina

For Magnetic Particle Inspection and Testing (MT):

  • Electro-magnet yokes
    • Tiede TWM 220N 3 pieces
    • Tiede TWM 42N   4 pieces
  • Tiede UV lamps             7 pieces
  • Black and colored (fluorescent) emulsion granulated from 0,2 to 8,0 μm
  • Spare bulbs and filters
  • Bases for black emulsion
  • Etalons for verification

Ultrasonic Inspection and Testing (UT):

  • 9 ultrasonic devices "Krautkramer" type USL 32 (2 pcs), USL 38, USL 42 (2 pcs), USK 7D, USM 35XS (2 pcs), UCD 50, PHAZOR
  • Over 120 different types of probes ranging from 0,5 MHz to 10 MHz
  • Cables
  • Etalons K1 and K2 (several sets)
  • Specific etalons for specific tests

Ultrasonic Inspection and Thickness Measurement (MD):

  • Ultrasonic devices "Krautkramer" DM-2 (2 pcs), DM-4, Test Boy
  • Over 20 probes for various purposes
  • Stepped etalons

For Radiographic Inspection (RT):

  • Several illuminators for viewing of films
  • The device for measuring density

For Metallographic Inspection and Examination:

  • Stable light microscope
  • Portable microscopes for on-field inspection of replicas
  • Equipment for surface preparation
  • Repro material
Jahorina planina

For Pressure Inspection and Testing:

  • Electric pump for pressures up to 100 bar
  • Hand pump for pressures up to 600 bar
  • Control pressure gauges for pressures from 0 to 600 bar
  • Lids for tanks for liquid fuels
  • Elastic splitters for working pressures up to 250 bar

For Leak Inspection:

  • Vakuum pump "Edvards"
  • Vakuum pump "CPS"
  • Probes for flat, angular welds and breaches up to ∅350mm - several sets
  • Control vacuum meters for under-pressures

For Inspection and Testing of Electrical Penetrability:

  • Generator for high voltage (up to 30 000 V) with connecting probes
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  • Fax: +381 11 3541 567
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