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KONTROL INSPEKT is a privately owned company, established  in1991. in Belgrade. The current owners took over the company  in 1998. and since then a constant rise and development of the company has began. We are a specialized company for materials testing and inspection of equipment in the following areas:

  • Energetics
  • Mining
  • Products
  • Industrial and individual production
  • Transport of oil and gas
  • Mobile and stable pressure equipment
  • Welding and related processes

From 1998. to the present Kontrol inspekt has become the leading independent inspection body type "A" in the former republics of Yugoslavia, accredited according to SRPS ISO / IEC 17020. We are present in almost all former republics of Yugoslavia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have our branch office Termo kontrol established in 2012. to provide quality and efficient services to our clients in these regions.


  • Control, monitoring and quality assurance
  • Testing materials with and without destructive methods
  • Testing of welded joints  with and without destructive methods
  • Qualification of welding procedures, soldering and bending
  • Assessment of exploitation capabilities of equipment
  • Assessment of remaining operational life of thermal power equipment
  • Qualitative and quantitative  admission of materials and equipment
  • Inspection of product before, during and after production
  • Technical supervision  for conducting of assembly works, reconstructive and repair works
  • Conformity assessment of products and pressure equipment
  • Assessment of competence of individuals and potential companies for performing activities
  • Education of personnel in the field of NDT methods VT, PT, MT RT and UT



Our company is managed by individuals with many years of experience in significant  jobs and facilities, with an excellent team of younger employees, as a complement to experience. Their energy, creativity and enthusiasm are the driving force of the company, which has resulted in exceptional progress and growth of company from 2008. till today. In the former republics of Yugoslavia, the company has become known as a synonym for quality, expertise and efficiency.


Our goal is that  in the region of the Balkan and Europe, we impose as stable, competitive service organization with quality, efficiency, independence and expertise. We strive that stated values are the foundation of the present and the future of the company with the desire to  continue and to be to our customers and partners support and help, without which it is difficult to imagine a quality realization of any project.

We will continue as before to set high standards in providing services, staff training and new equipment, with regular implementation of newest achievements in the field of testing and inspection to meet the needs of our partners and clients.


Leader in the field of inspection and NDT

  • Address: Milana Mijalkovica 1/7, 11250 Belgrade
  • Phone: +381 11 3546 355
  • Fax: +381 11 3541 567
E-mail: kontrolinspekt@yahoo.com
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