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KONTROL INSPEKT Ltd. according to decision on the scope of Accreditation can work inspection for:


Especially for:

  • Iron and steel products
  • Welding process
  • Aluminum i aluminum alloy products
  • Plants and facilities (thermal and hydro power facilities in construction, during reconstruction, revitalization and maintenace)
  • Boiler facilities
  • Turbine generators
  • Metal constructions
  • Petroleum, gas and product pipelines
  • Storage reservoirs for oil oil derivatives and LPG
  • Preassure equipment
Jahorina planina

KONTROL INSPEKT Ltd. on the market offers the following services:

Of Inspection:

  • New products, facilities, plants and installations, prior to delivery
  • Inspection of repairs and modifications and quality control as well as periodic inspection
  • Inspection of technical documentation
  • Inspection of functionality of production plants
  • Inspection of welding operations
  • Inspection of non-destructive methods in the field, at User's or in our premises and
  • Inspection of destructive methods to assess the remaining life and establishing further c possibilities
  • Determine the current state of the controlled elements of products, processes and facilities. The tests are conducted in accredited laboratories under the supervision of our permanently employed specialists in control

Of Quality Assurance of Products:

  • Services of quality system introduction as well as consulting in the field of quality management.
  • Creating a program for inspection of the semi-finished products, parts, equipment and facilities
  • Implementation of non-destructive testing on semi-finished products, parts, equipment and facilities
  • Quality assurance in production, installation and commissioning
  • Production of periodic inspection and test plans in accordance with current legislation for different facilities
  • Non-destructive testing according to periodic inspection plans
  • Advisory and supervisory services during repair of equipment
  • Development of technical conditions for the acquisition, development and delivery of semi-finished products, spare parts and equipment
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About Welding:

  • Expert help choosing the welding procedures
  • Qualification of welding procedures
  • Qualification of procedures of brazing
  • Production of repairs and welding technologies
  • Professional supervision in repair and welding
  • Qualifications of bending
  • Inspection of welding devices
  • Inspection before, during and after welding
  • Checking of professional competence of welders for procedures 111, 114, 311, 135, 136, 137, 131, 141 according to standards SRPS EN 287-1; SRPS EN ISO 9606-2; SRPS EN 1418; SRPS EN 13133; SRPS EN 13067;SRPS EN 14730-2; API 1104

Of Metallurgical Testing:

  • Microstructure
  • Macrostructure
  • Corrosion
  • By using replicas

Of Non Destructive Testing methods:

  • Visual Testing VT
  • Endoscopic examination of the internal and inaccessible positions of piping and pressure vessels
  • Penetrant Testing PT
  • Magnetic particle Testing MT
  • Radiographic Testing RT
  • Ultrasonic Testing UT
  • Ultrasound measurement of wall thickness UT MDZ
  • Measurement of surface hardness HT
  • Leak Testing
  • Pressure test by cold water pressure and gas
  • Electrical penertability testing of insulation
  • Testing using metal magnetic memory
  • Testing by spectral analysis
  • Chemical analysis of materials with the definition of the carbon content in the field and in the laboratory
Jahorina planina

Of Development:

  • Methods and techniques for nondestructive testing for specific requirements.
    Instruments and equipment for nondestructive testing such as:
  • UT testing of railway axles
  • Testing the rotor bore with VT, PT, MT and UT
  • Testing tram and railway tracks using UT
  • UT of welds in piping systems of boilers, thickness of 5-8 mm
  • Development of prevention tests against breakdown deadlocks
  • Production of plans for the repair activities in order to reduce the number power failures

Of Training of Personnel for Non Destructive Testing Methods:

  • Vizual Testing VT,
  • Penetrant Testing PT,
  • Magnetic particle Testing MT,
  • Ultrasonic Testing UT,
  • Ultrasonic Testing of railway materials
  • Ultrasonic measuring of thickness UT MDZ,
  • Radiographic Testing RT,
  • Leak Testing (vacuum) LT,
  • Pressure test using water or gas LP,
  • Electrical penertability testing of insulation ET.

Of Training of Personnel for Industry:

  • Welding and installation of plastic piping
  • Complex piping isometrics installers
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